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Our mission at Embody is cultivating a confident community through a dynamic approach to health and fitness.


You will feel more confident in your daily life.


Reliable and dynamic support to keep you accountable to your goals.


Having the feeling of success after each session and after each milestone in your goal.






We pride ourselves in providing industry-leading services, commitment, and doctor approved programs to meet your personal fitness and wellness goals.


I just did something I never thought I could do again. I played golf 4 days in a row on vacation in Florida! The reason this is so amazing is because I had disc herniation some years ago which totally limited my ability physically . The training I am doing with Grace Thompson at Embody Pure Fitness has MADE THE DIFFERENCE! I have a stronger core and the confidence that my back will remain strong. I am continuing to train twice a week in hopes that the back issues will remain a non-issue. I am so encouraged.

Dottie B.

Falls Church, VA

For years I dreamt of being healthy and happy; being able to pick up my future kids and chase them around the yard. But at the age of 31, I was overweight and loss so much confidence in myself that I started to believe that I would never prevail. Then I met Grace and she inspired me to believe in myself once again and to hold myself as a strong individual. From the start, Grace formed a plan that took into account my physical capabilities and my medical conditions (I have dystonia in my legs and feet) and worked with me.

Laura B.

Washington, D.C.